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Dega (de-gas) HEATERS | Pumps | blowers | and more

Some Older Dega / Degas Equipment

Please Note: All Dega De-Gas Gas Spa Heaters Are Obsolete. Parts are no longer available. For New Heaters, please visit

spare parts and services for older dega equipment


Dega / De-gas / Degas Gas Spa HeatersDe-gas Dega High Efficiency Compact Spa Heater 100 MJ For Natural & LPG Applications AGA Approval No 4433 | Dega Research Pty LTD Model: DE-GAS 100MJ Part Number 1-0989-00 | Onga Item No 1002850 SPAPAK 100mJ NG T/C BR9000 663 / Item No1002800 / Part No 1098800P

We repair and supply spare parts & changeover equipment for these older heaters. Where parts are no longer available, or when the heater cannot be repaired, we can supply suitable
replacement heaters

Dega Blowers
- Replacement blowers are available.

Dega Air Switches / Timer Control Boxes - replacements are available.

Dega Electric Heaters & Spa Bath Pumps -
Heated Spa Bath Pumps / Non-heated Spa Bath Pumps

Other Spare Parts are listed here.


  • On-site Repairs & Service - We can only service Bayside Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, and some other Melbourne areas on-site.
  • Products can be posted to us for repairs. Please contact us at for more information.
  • Please be aware that any Dega / De-gas heater is now a minimum of 20 years old and may not be repairable.