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Dega (de-gas) HEATERS | Pumps | blowers | and more

Please Note: All Dega De-Gas Gas Spa Heaters Are Obsolete. Parts are no longer available. For New Heaters, please visit

Time to Replace your old Dega Degas 100 Heater?
Replacement Dega Heaters Listed Here:
Dega Gas Heater

   A Typical older Dega Research "skid pack" with a Dega Degas 100mJ Spa Gas Heater. We repair, remove, and replace all available parts for these systems. Note there are very few spare parts for these heaters, as they are now all in the 20+ year old range. We strongly recommend replacing it with this heater.
   Dega also manufactured Electric Heaters / Air Switches / Blowers and more...
We handle all repairs and available spare parts for Dega equipment. 


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