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DEGA (DE-GAS) Gas Spa Heater Instructions / Manual

Operating Instructions:
- Your pump should be plugged into the side of the Dega heater.
- An air button should be installed spa-side, with an air line connected to the side of the Dega heater.

Setting the Timer:
The heater comes with a built-in filtration timer. Set the time by rotating the face until the current time is shown. The small switch on the timer should be in the Middle, or pointing to the ¹ symbol. The “O” Position disables the timer completely.
The “I” Position will run the pump on Manual mode.

Running the Heater:
- The pump can be switched on via the Air button, or by putting the Timer into Manual mode (Towards the “I” on the small switch on the clock)
- Set desired temperature by using the small dial on the front of the heater. Make sure the toggle-switch is set to “HEATER ON”

Once the pump runs, the heater should detect water flow, and you should hear a momentary ‘buzzing’ from the Spark Igniter. The heater will then ignite with a small “whoof” sound.
 Note there is no Pilot light on these heaters.


Pump runs for a few seconds and switches off.
1. Check filters are clean and pump is fully primed.
2. Make sure water is running through the heater.
If the heater keeps switching off the pump, it may have a faulty flow switch, or require other repairs.

Timer does not work
1. Have timer replaced or run pump from an outside power source.

Heater is Rusty or Corroded
1. Heat exchanger must be checked for leaks, or other moisture from other sources

Heater is Smoking, There is visible Black Soot, Flames Visible, Panels bent or missing
1. Do Not Use Heater. Have it checked over.

- The heater should be serviced regularly (at least every 12 months)
- Heater water lines should be replaced every few years
- The external regulator should be replaced if any signs of corrosion, or other faults.

These heaters ceased being sold around 1998. As such, there are very very few parts available for these. We recommend replacing these heaters.

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